Growing food/treats for my chickens

It’s been rough on my ladies lately with all the freshly worked ground and mulch everywhere, they just want to get in and roll around. Well that just can’t happen, I’ve been working to hard to let them tear it all up! So in return I have bored hens…. I still let them out to free range for a few hours in the evening but have to keep a close eye on them. 

In the winter I’ve read that people grow fodder for their chickens, to cut back on food cost and to supplement for the lack of greenery. So I thought why not grow some for my ladies!! It’s super quick, cheap and fun to grow!! Here’s what I did! 

I bought a 50lb bag of untreated Barley seed for roughly $12. 

I soaked 3/4 cup seeds in a mason jar for 24hrs 

After 24 hrs I put them in a plastic container with drain holes and set them on the counter with a drain pan underneath, the idea is to keep them moist but not wet.  

 Here’s what it looked 4 days after putting them in to soak.  

  And here 7 days later.  

   They absolutely love it!!! I bought one of those suet cages for birds and smash it in there and hang it in their run.  Not only is it nutritious but it entertains all of us and them!!  


Happy foddering people! 


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