Strawberry Pickin and Strawberry Jam

Growing up, mom would take me and my brother strawberry pickin at Fulton Farms. We made freezer jam with them a few times but I don’t remember much about it. Mom and I have taken my kids a few times to pick but this year we kicked it up a few notches! On a Monday morning mom, Peyton, Edyth, me and my cousin Katey loaded up in my Jeep and headed to Fulton Farms with intentions of picking lots of strawberries and coming home to can strawberry jam. We had a blast picking!   



Peyton couldn’t stop eating them lol and even stopped to take a selfie eating one!!  

 We picked 7, 1 gallon buckets full of strawberries!!!! My Jeep smelled so good on the ride home!   

 *photos from strawberry pickin courtesy of my son Peyton and my cousin Katey* 

Next it was on to making jam!! I wanted to make a thick, chunky, lumpy basic jam. We decided on a simple strawberries and sugar recipe. 

2 quarts strawberries

6 cups sugar

1 tsp butter (keeps it form foaming up) 

We cleaned and measured out the berries into a large pot and then mashed them with a potato smasher.  

   One batch we puréed with a blender but only per request of my husband. It is good too but not the same as chunky jam. Then add the sugar and butter and heat it up stirring well until sugar dissolves, boil for approximately 25 minutes, stirring constantly until it jels to the desired consistency. Jar it up and hot water bath for 15 minutes.   

   I thought it went really well and we got a bunch of jam in the process!   

  We also froze some and ate a bunch!!! All in all it was a great experience for everyone!!! 


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