The Fire Drill

We upgraded our pool this year. Because we went bigger we didn’t want to fill it with our well, so I looked into other options. Evidently in some areas the local fire department will come out and fill your pool! Awesome! My husbands son, uncle and cousin are all on the Pleasant Hill fire department so we put in a call to them. They said for a donation they would come out and asked if they could use it as a drill!!! Perfect! We said of course, that would be great! We sat out that evening in the yard awaiting the fire trucks. Such a strange feeling waiting with excitement for fire trucks to show up to your house. Especially after we watched our neighbors house burn just this past winter. I figure it’s not to often that they pull up somewhere to smiling faces, so that’s probably a nice change of pace. 

What a great experience for all of us!! This was far more than just getting our pool filled. A great way for the kids to learn, up close and personal! We all know I’m that girl that loves to make everything an adventure and this one was a huge success! Thank you Pleasant Hill fire department for all that you do!! They even left here with lights and sirens going!! ​Here’s a little video of our adventure!! 


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