The Bungalow

We have a tiny house that we rent out. The guy that was living there for about 3 years moved out, so it was time to do some clean up. He smoked in the house and it was yucky in there to say the least. Everything was sticky with tar and discolored. The smell was terrible, I am unsure if he ever opened a window. I took a bunch of progress photos as this was a two month project for mom, Peyton, Edyth and I. Having just finished the tiny tiny playhouse project, this was a fun upgrade!! 

It took 2 coats of Kilz primer and 2 coats of paint to cover that nastiness. Also a lot of scrubbing on EVERYTHING. The basement was dingy and needed freshened up but at least it just needed some paint. 


Most of our summer went to working on that place. Which allowed for picnic lunches, walks around town (because it’s in town and we live in the country, so it’s a big deal) and a feeling of being on vacation for 2 months!! Glad it turned out so nice! I’m that girl that loves a good project and this is definitely one for the books! 


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