The Tiny House Project! 

We were given a playhouse for my son about 6 years ago. I put some fresh stain on it, built a platform for it and he loved it!!! Since then he has outgrown it, but had a little sister come along who now wanted to use it. After that many years it needed repaired. So we put it in the garage and repaired away! ​


We painted almost every inch of this thing including the inside, which had never been painted. Our little lady was quite the helper!! If you look close you’ll notice that Edyth is wearing the apron I made for her and wrote about in a previous post. 

​We also built a new deck for it out of the old deck my uncle gave us, that I also wrote about in another post. Approximately 45 hours of painting and deck work and it’s done!!! She loves it!! We all know I’m that girl, that girl that reuses everything she can!! 


2 thoughts on “The Tiny House Project! 

  1. Great job!  Really like all the color and the chickens can live under the deck during the summer.   Hope your week is good.  Hug the little ones for me.   GP Gene  

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