The Potting Bench Project! 

We were given an old deck off of my Great Aunt and Uncles house. They no longer wanted it and had plans to burn it. So we salvaged it and made a potting bench! We also built a new deck for Edyths playhouse, but that’s another story. This is where we decided to put the potting bench. I nicknamed this space my hot box garden box years ago when I moved in. A large box tucked up in a corner in full sun most of the day. 

I happened to have some old skids lying around that I disassembled and used for the backer boards. Which I think turned out just lovely! We also added a rain barrel and garden boxes. We were also given some old lattice that I painted and used for the potting bench. I am that girl, that girl that loves reusing and repurposing!! There was even enough skid stuff left over for a stand for a super cool metal trash can to store my potting soil in!! This has made gardening so much more fun!!! What a transformation and all with repurposed materials!! A dream come true right here!! 


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