The Tiny House Project! 

We were given a playhouse for my son about 6 years ago. I put some fresh stain on it, built a platform for it and he loved it!!! Since then he has outgrown it, but had a little sister come along who now wanted to use it. After that many years it needed repaired. So we put it in the garage and repaired away! ​


We painted almost every inch of this thing including the inside, which had never been painted. Our little lady was quite the helper!! If you look close you’ll notice that Edyth is wearing the apron I made for her and wrote about in a previous post. 

​We also built a new deck for it out of the old deck my uncle gave us, that I also wrote about in another post. Approximately 45 hours of painting and deck work and it’s done!!! She loves it!! We all know I’m that girl, that girl that reuses everything she can!! 

Growing Mushrooms on Your Kitchen Counter!!

So we were in our local Home Depot and they had these grow your own mushroom kits. I was a little skeptical about this kit thing. Usually I would just start whatever I’m growing from seed and that’s that but this is everything I needed to grow mushrooms on my counter! I’m that girl that likes to try new things and I Love mushrooms, so I tried it. First I had to take the bag out of the box and cut an x in the plastic and soak the bag in a bowl of water. Then I put it back in the box and set on the counter. I took pictures as they grew, the process was rather quick. 10 days I do believe it was and we were eating mushrooms!! 

We pan fried them in some butter, they were delicious!!! Did you try one of these grow kits? I’d love to hear about your experience!! 

The Potting Bench Project! 

We were given an old deck off of my Great Aunt and Uncles house. They no longer wanted it and had plans to burn it. So we salvaged it and made a potting bench! We also built a new deck for Edyths playhouse, but that’s another story. This is where we decided to put the potting bench. I nicknamed this space my hot box garden box years ago when I moved in. A large box tucked up in a corner in full sun most of the day. 

I happened to have some old skids lying around that I disassembled and used for the backer boards. Which I think turned out just lovely! We also added a rain barrel and garden boxes. We were also given some old lattice that I painted and used for the potting bench. I am that girl, that girl that loves reusing and repurposing!! There was even enough skid stuff left over for a stand for a super cool metal trash can to store my potting soil in!! This has made gardening so much more fun!!! What a transformation and all with repurposed materials!! A dream come true right here!! 

New Tomato Cages! 

Every year now for as long as I have gardened, about 13 years now, I have fought with metal tomato cages. Flimsy little things that have never been able to handle the huge tomato plants I grow. So we searched for ideas and inspiration for something better. This is what we came up with. Nice sturdy cages that we can add to as the plants grow! They are working fabulously!! No more bracing off metal cages to still have them collapse under the weight of these massive plants!! Yay!! Happy gardening folks!! 

Sprucing up the Front Porch! 

As I wrote about in the post about the potting bench, we were given an old deck and a few other old materials by some family. One of the things we did with these materials was added some privacy to our front porch! We took it from this-To this –I know it’s not the prettiest, but it’s previously used materials. So I think it’s flaws are gorgeous and only add character!! Form and function right there! I love my front porch!! 

The Fire Drill

We upgraded our pool this year. Because we went bigger we didn’t want to fill it with our well, so I looked into other options. Evidently in some areas the local fire department will come out and fill your pool! Awesome! My husbands son, uncle and cousin are all on the Pleasant Hill fire department so we put in a call to them. They said for a donation they would come out and asked if they could use it as a drill!!! Perfect! We said of course, that would be great! We sat out that evening in the yard awaiting the fire trucks. Such a strange feeling waiting with excitement for fire trucks to show up to your house. Especially after we watched our neighbors house burn just this past winter. I figure it’s not to often that they pull up somewhere to smiling faces, so that’s probably a nice change of pace. 

What a great experience for all of us!! This was far more than just getting our pool filled. A great way for the kids to learn, up close and personal! We all know I’m that girl that loves to make everything an adventure and this one was a huge success! Thank you Pleasant Hill fire department for all that you do!! They even left here with lights and sirens going!! ​Here’s a little video of our adventure!! 

Selfies At The Grocery Store

My little lady went to the store with me one afternoon. As we were in the self-checkout line she asked to use the calculator on my phone to add up the groceries, adorable right? So I hand over my phone and she plays away. Later that night as I looked through stuff on my phone I find she took a bunch of selfies while she was at it!! She’s so cute!! 

I love her so much!!! 

A Place For The Garden Hose

The garden hose has been a nuisance for too many years now, with no where to hang it up, getting left run out through the yard to kill the grass it was laying on, or coiled up on the side walk in a pile in the way. I said no more!! So after looking for inspiration, we came up with this 

Beautiful form and great function!! Trust me, I’ve tried those hose real things too, this is by far the best way I’ve found!!! 

A 4×4 post, a hose hanger thing and a pretty copper post topper!! Love it!!! 

Garden Box Replacement

As most of you know by now, I garden in boxes and containers. One of the first boxes I built when I moved in here finally gave out on me. So I needed to build a new one. Instead of one large box like it was, I built two smaller easier to manage boxes, which actually gives me more space!! 

Looks great I think!!! Can’t wait to plant in it!!! Happy gardening!!! 

Easter 2016

I am very blessed to have a rather large extended family. We get together for all the holidays. Easter is such a sight for sore eyes after a long winter here in Ohio. Last year we did something new with an adult egg hunt. This year we decided to take it up a notch and give bigger prizes in the hunt!! It was a huge success!! 

How do you spend your Easter? I’d love to hear about it!!