Sunflower Round House

Sunflowers are by far one of my favorite flowers! Last year I lined part of my backyard with some 4ft tall ones, I wasn’t really happy with how it turned out. This year I wanted to do something fun and unique with them. A Sunflower Round House was the final decision!!!! My dad always fondly told stories of my great grandma Edith growing a patch of them and just leaving a spot in the center open for the kids to play in. I loved that idea but wanted to change it a bit. Here’s some pics of the process.  

First I had to decide where to put it…. That was a tough one. 

Then how big…. Still thinking I should have went bigger. I went with 10ft.  

   Then we weedeated the circle and shoveled it out 

    Three hours later it looks great!  


Now it just needs to grow!!! I think we are really going to enjoy this!!!  

 Ever had a sunflower house? Maybe your neighbor had one growing up?… Please share your stories! 


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