Lemonade Stand!

I’m that girl, that girl that LOVES garage sales!!! I love going to them, I love having them, I really love garage sales! This year I think is my ninth year having one. My son has set up a lemonade stand for the past few years but this year his little sister wanted to give it a try. So last Friday night she said mommy can we build me a lemonade stand now? Out to the scrap pile we went, because doesn’t every mom spend their Friday night building a lemonade stand?? 

It started like this…


Then it looked like this


And of course we had to paint it




When it was all said and done it turned out ADORABLY great!! She loves it and has had a great time running her stand!!  

  Peyton even got to run it for her for a little while lol 


  The garage sale went well considering it was cold and rainy. The lemonade stand, was a huge success!!!! 

Do you love garage sales? Maybe you have a garage sale? I would love to hear your stories. 


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