Easter Fun!

I love holidays!!! I love celebrating!! Easter was a great one this year! My kids and I got together with my brothers fiancé and her kids and my mom to color eggs, to kick off the holiday festivities! I love coloring eggs! We had so much fun!!  


 We even found some of those super awesome wrap things, which we used when I was a kid!!!        On Easter a bunch of the family gets together and enjoys a huge meal and egg hunts. But this year I added something new, an adult egg hunt!!! I found a bunch of giant eggs and filled them with tiny bottles of liquor!! Everyone loved it!!  

    I have initiated adult hunts before but never like this one. No one knew what was in the eggs but hunted anyway. It was everything I was hoping for!! To see these adults get so excited for an egg hunt like kids do, it was perfect!!! I even welled up a little bit, it just made me so happy to see everyone having so much fun!!!  


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