Blair Construction 

My dad builds houses! Has for as long as I can remember. Growing up we would sometimes get to go visit him at work. It was always such a magical trip! He did a lot of work around the house too, so growing up building and creating was just what went on and of course I wanted to be involved, help as much as I could! After a long time of begging, on a cold winter night, dad said, if you can handle the cold you can come to work tomorrow!!! Yippie!!! I am so thankful for the 11 years I spent working for my dad! It was a family affair!! My dad, brother, uncle, cousins and dads friends that might as well be family were all a part of the crew. My grandpa even worked with us for a few years!! Some of the best years of my life they were! I retired a little over 3 years ago and am now a stay at home mom. It has been a difficult yet wonderful and challenging new life for me. As often as I can allow (I miss it and sometimes wana go back) we go visit my dad and the guys at work. Right now my dad has been working on this monster of a house and we paid him a visit the other day. Here’s a few pictures 😁 



3 thoughts on “Blair Construction 

  1. Tasha, I am really proud of you. Just read through the entire site and love it. Keep at it girl, you’re doing a great job! Hug the little ones for me and tell Reuben “Hey!”

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