Homemade Chocolate Syrup

I’m that girl that LOVES chocolate milk! A glass before bed or even in the middle of the afternoon! I don’t eat breakfast it upsets my stomach to eat before like 10am, so I drink a big glass of chocolate milk. It fills me up and tastes great!! My kids have followed in my footsteps and also enjoy a glass with me every morning. Last night I realized we were almost out….. So I thought why run out to the store just for chocolate syrup? I’ll make some!! Here it is in all its deliciousness!!!!  

 It was so quick and simple and the house smelled amazing while I was making it!! I don’t know why I wasn’t doing this before!! You can bet I won’t be buying it anymore from the store!!! Here’s my recipe:


 The kids and I think it’s better than store bought, which is saying something, I’ve sworn by my Hershey’s for years now!!  

 Have you ever made chocolate syrup? Please share your comments! 

Happy making stuff people!! 



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