Our Trip to Michigan

We went to the New Era, Michigan area this past weekend, my husband grew up there and his best friend was getting married. So we left a few days early to do some sight seeing, and sight see we did! Winter here in Ohio is nothing compared to winter in Michigan! The farthest north I had ever been was Battle Creek, and had never traveled north in the winter, so this was an extraordinary experience for me. There was SO much snow!! 

We went to the sand dunes! I have heard so much about them but I really had no idea how incredible they were. 

Lake Michigan was frozen almost as far as the eye could see! While these kinds of places are beautiful in summer, there is so much beauty in winter! 

We even seen those adorable little ice fishing shacks on the frozen lake!!! 

There was one guy drilling a hole for ice fishing and we got to watch him! 

One spot called the ovals, we walked out on the beach and could actually see waves off in the distance. It made me well up so many times to see such beauty! 

 Reuben took us through this town called Ludington, where we saw these HUGE ships! What a sight!! 

There was this giant weathervane in one town. 

Snowmobiles are everywhere up there! They have trails for them and in a lot of the parking lots there’s  snowmobile parking, just like we have motorcycle parking here! Wild!!!! 

 There was a snowmobile ride for kids even!!! 

While we were there we stayed at this quaint little motel called the Montgomery Inn. It was a fabulous little Inn that I definatly recommend you stay at if you are up that way! 

 We also ate at some really fun places, I didn’t get pictures of all of them. But I did get a picture of this Brown Bear place, good burgers there! 

 So many things in this part of Michigan are different than what we are used to here. Like they have markers for their fire hydrants so they can find them under all the snow!! Who knew?!?! We saw people snow blowing off their roofs! One of the biggest differences I saw was fruit fields, or orchards, I’m not sure what you call them, but they are everywhere! You drive around Ohio and you see corn fields and bean fields but not in Michigan, it’s a rare sight to see a corn field and the few people that have them, have them to feed their animals. 

 It was a GREAT trip!!! 

Have you ever been there? I would love to hear about what it was like for you!! 


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