Shipshewana Indiana

We took a road trip this past weekend to Michigan. On our way we stopped and spent a short time in Shipshewana, Indiana. It’s this adorable little Amish town. I wish we could have spent more time and the weather had been nicer (it was super cold). However I plan to go back as soon as the weather is better. Anyway, the Amish people fascinate me, I don’t know why, but they do. Maybe it’s their simple way of living, maybe it’s their mystery about them, maybe it’s their mode of transportation. All along the road on our way through town is a huge shoulder, buggy lanes! Who knew?!?! Everywhere are buggies and horses and people on bikes! I LOVE horses! The regular sound around there is the clop clop clop of the horses hooves and it is wonderful!! I learned a few new things, like there are buggy buses and buggy trucks and trailers for your buggy, AMAZING!! Here’s a couple pics that I managed to capture.

They have these wonderful little shops. Our first stop was Yoders popcorn store, and we bought a 50lb bag of ladyfinger popcorn, it’s our favorite and we got it super cheap!!! 

 It is hilarious and odd all at the same time to have a feed sack full of popcorn!!! We also went to the bulk food store and got flour for super cheap! Then there’s this Davis Mercantile. The building is amazing, the way they built it, Amish craftsmanship is an incredible thing. Wood pins to secure everything! A giant tree in the middle of the building! I took a few pictures but of course you just have to see this place for yourself. 

The doors in the first picture are automatic sliding wood doors, beautiful! But the most amazing thing about this building is, they have a carousel on the top floor! 

 I hope some day y’all make it out there to see this beautiful town! 


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