I love my dehydrator!!!

I never knew how bad I needed a dehydrator until this past fall. Mom had been dehydrating jerky for as long as I can remember it seems, but last year she started dehydrating our tomato skins, who knew?!? You can use tomato powder to make paste or sauce or just add it to anything tomatoey you are fixing! Great find mom! Wish I had pictures of this process… I’ll have to post on this with pictures next time we do it. So I thought I need one of these great inventions!! Since then I’ve dehydrated my own skins along with mushrooms

Dried mushrooms store great and are so handy to have around (for those mushroom lovers out there)
Then I dried garlic, it makes your house smell sooo good!

It’s a LOT of prep work but so worth it!!

I also dried onions, don’t have any pictures of this either…. I must get better about taking more pictures!! Onions are easier than garlic but not nearly as yummy smelling. Final product here. Made onion powder and salt, and garlic powder and salt!!! Yummy! And we know what is in our food!!

Happy dehydrating!!!


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