Canning overview!!

We are in the dead of winter here, and I couldn’t be more thankful of all the hard work I put into food prep last summer and fall. Cuz, I’m that girl that cans and freezes and grows stuff!! If I can’t or don’t grow it I buy it local or get it from mom n dads garden (they have more room for gardening than I do) 😄 This past year was the most I’ve ever canned and prepped, whether by myself or with the help of my mom, husband or kids. So I thought I’d share what all we did, because I’m anxious for this year!!!
I already posted about canning chicken, refer to my last post.
Then it went to green beans and corn (corn is better frozen)

Then celery, decided to freeze it in small pieces so I could just take what I need out of the bag and put it back in till I need more.


Then came the tomatoes!!! I LOVE tomatoes!!!! Especially the orange ones, and they say they are better for you!!

Applesauce!!! (First time for this)

Carrots, I did these in tiny soup portion jars!!

And pearsauce, I had intended on sliced pears but they are from a really old tree so sauce it is!!

Then I did banana peppers

We also did red beets and cowboy stew and sweet pickle relish. But I don’t have pictures of those 😕
One last picture here of my garden from last year. Can’t wait for the planting season to start again here!!! Here’s hoping I get to build a greenhouse soon!!

Ok, and one more of my canned goods, well most of them. Lol

Happy gardening and canning!! ✌️❤️😄


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