Chickens adventures!!!

So almost a year ago now, we got chickens. I had 8 little white fluff balls in my basement in a kiddie pool.

They have been so much fun to have around!! As they got older and we could move them outside I realized I need to build a coop and run for them. Temporarily they lived in a rabbit hutch.

Then I rescued scrap wood from my dads job site (he builds houses and was just gona burn it up) and worked for about a week building them a coop! We don’t have much space where we are at now, so it needed to b small.




The end result was this beautiful coop that looks like a playhouse in my yard!!!

Next will be the run, but the fencing worked until I got around to it! As the chickens got older I found I had 4 roosters… I wanted laying hens, so I took my roosters to the local butcher shop and took care of that. Brought them home and then came my first experience with canning chicken!! Eeep! It was so exciting!!


There’s the canned chicken and broth on the top left! Then came the need for more hens. I came across some beautiful black n white chickens at a garage sale, of all places lol. They have been a great addition to my flock!!

Now I was getting back to where I wanted to be, 6 chickens!! We would go out and spend as much time with them as we could, because my goal is to have happy chickens, pets with a purpose!!! And here’s where my story gets sad , one of my white hens got sick…. She got an impacted crop which then became infected and soured…. As I didn’t want to give her antibiotics I treated it as much as I could for almost a month, thought she was getting better, but then one morning I went out to check on her and I knew her battle was over…. She just layed there with her eyes closed…. It was so sad 😓 We had to put her down…. Here she is on one of her last few days with us…

Then came the time to build a run! I love building stuff!


And here’s the finished run!!

Turned out pretty great if I do say so myself!! And my ladies love it!!!! Yay!!! I’d say that’s enough for this post on my chickens. Thanks for reading! 👍😄


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