Green eggs!!!

So I rescued these two brown chickens a few months ago. These poor chickens were missing most of the feathers on their back ends when I got them and had been tortured so much I was worried they would never be welcomed by the rest of my flock… But with much persistence they have most of their feathers back and have finally made friends with the other ladies!!! Yay!!! This makes me so happy!!! Here they all are in the coop together snuggling!!

Well sorta snuggling, kinda funny how they separate themselves like that. Here’s my brown beauties enjoying a winter day!!!

So the other day I went out to get eggs and I found a green egg!!!! Eeep!! It just tickles me pink to have chickens that lay such fun eggs!! I’m so happy that my brownies are finally laying and to get such special eggs from them, it’s wonderful!!!!

Green eggs!!!!! Yippie!!!
I love my chickens!!!!


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