The Apron Obsession 

I’m that girl, that girl that loves the ambience of wearing an apron!!

 I have a few super cute ones hanging in my kitchen,

but I was in search of a new one. A girl can never have too many right? I came across an apron like I had never seen before, but suddenly somehow needed it so badly! 

I found this apron on Etsy, fell in love with it but….. could not bring myself to pay that much for an apron. Then started the obsession, I would get on there periodically and look at it and think, maybe I should get it, I mean I like it so much! But no, I can’t justify that… So I thought you know what? I’ll just make one! Yep! So while we were in Shipshewana, Indiana I picked up some super affordable linen. With the greenhouse done and a kinda yucky day last week, I finally got motivated to make a pattern and make my apron!!! So after a lot of measuring myself in the mirror and funny looks from my three year old little girl I ended up with this pattern. 

 Woo Hoo! I haven’t made a pattern in years!! I decided since this was such a simple old school apron that I would hand stitch it. I also made a smaller pattern and made Edyth a matching apron!! Here she is trying on the plastic pattern lol 

 It was so much fun creating these aprons with my little girl! What a great thing to share with her!! Here we are in our aprons!!!! 

 Do you have a favorite apron? Or a fond memorie of someone who loved aprons? I’d love to hear your stories!!! Happy Creating!! 


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