A Dream Come True!! 

I’m that girl that loves an opportunity to build something!! So, I told you a little while back that I was planning toward building a greenhouse, and it is finally finished!!! It took some planning since we didn’t have any blueprints, only pictures of what I wanted it to look like but we did it!! 

Here we were getting the supplies! 

The process looked like this

And this 

My chickens even joined in the fun!! 

 It was so much fun!! I had some nice days and foggy days and rain to work with, but nothing got in my way! 

And…… Ta Da!!!! 

It is a dream come true to have a greenhouse! I couldn’t be more pleased with myself and everyone that helped make this happen! As I stood outside staring at my greenhouse (that’s right, my greenhouse, I still can’t hardly believe it)  the sun was going down and made my greenhouse glow! What a sight!!

Do you have a greenhouse? I’d love to see your pictures!!! Happy growing people ✌️❤️😃


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