Growing garlic!!!!!

So today I decided to plant garlic. I have tried to grow it in the past but with no success. Lately things have been growing better and better for me so I thought I’d give it a shot. There is hardly a meal that goes by in this house that I don’t put garlic in, and to know I grew it myself, even better! The best part of all is I had the best helper ever!!!

It warms my heart so, to watch her so interested in growing things! It’s a skill for life. She helped spread the dirt around ever so gently, then helped pull apart the garlic cloves and made sure they were just right and pushed them down in the dirt!!!! I think she’s got my green thumb. Eeeee yay!

Also I found this handy shelf thing for my countertop.

Now I’ve got more space for more greenhouses! Yippie!!!!

Happy growing!!! ✌️❤️😃


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