My poor chicken…

Yesterday afternoon I went out to check on my chickens, as I do off and on throughout my day. It’s been really cold here but we haven’t had a bunch of snow so my girls have been out and about all day, except yesterday half of them were in the run. When I poked my head in to the run I found one of my brownies (if you’ve read my other posts you know these are the ones I rescued) with her head covered in blood…. Oh my as I looked around to assess the situation I seen blood spattered all over the run. So I ran around to the coop to check things out in there to figure out what was going on and a cat jumped out of one of the nesting boxes! I don’t have cats!! My poor chicken!!! I called my mom and husband to come help and we brought her inside to try to clean her up and figure out what happened.
WARNING!!! These pictures are not for the weak stomached.

We took her up to the shower to rinse her off and figure out where she was injured at. She kinda liked it I think.

After we got her cleaned up we found her comb damaged pretty badly. I think she was trying to get out of the coop and it must have caught on her way out, I don’t think it was the cat…. So we tried to put tapioca flour (I was told this is the same as cornstarch) but I guess it’s not because it sure didn’t help. Then we tried pepper, which was a disaster, she bled even worse after that. So after holding her and trying to blot at it and her flinging blood everywhere, it looked like a murder scene. ( lol ok so maybe not that bad) The bleeding finally slowed way down and I got her to eat some yogurt, high in protein and easy for her to digest, figured it would help her recover. She really enjoyed the treat and chowed down.

I took an old rabbit cage down to our basement so she could have a quiet night to rest. I was also really worried the other hens might pick at her…

She is doing much better today and I am hoping to put her back in with her friends this evening. Poor thing….


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