Pasta making problems

A few years ago my husband took me on a trip to the Kitchen Aid store, where I found a pasta press attachment!  


 This pasta press and I have been best friends ever since!! I love pasta and so do my kids! Making my own is such a rewarding feeling and so much fun at the same time!! It’s like playing with play doh but you are making food instead of something you smoosh back down in the can when your done. Anyway, I have a very small kitchen, probably would be fine for someone who doesn’t do nearly what I do in my kitchen, but I do A LOT! Every time I make pasta I make multiple batches so I have some on hand at all times. I was spending all day making pasta and laying it out all over my kitchen to then have no where left to prepare supper…. 

  Then came, take out, an awful feeling to spend all day making food but then eat take out for supper. Finally my husband came up with the perfect solution! A pasta drying rack!! So off to the hardware store we went for supplies. With the help of our daughter he built me a drying rack that is perfect and just what I needed!!!  

 It holds 5 batches of pasta and frees up all of my counter space. I let my pasta dry for two days usually so this really is a life saver!!  

 Here’s to kitchen gadgets that make life easier and more fun!!!! 


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