127 Worlds Longest Yard Sales

The other weekend we went on a fabulous adventure to the 127 Worlds Longest Yard Sales!!! It was such a great time! Three days of jam packed garage sales, how can you go wrong? If you have ever been, I hope your experience was as great as ours!! It is so hard to describe, you just have to see it for yourself!  I love garage saleing, a lot, my kids seem to share my passion for it as well and I am so thankful for that. Here’s a few pictures. I should have taken more but we were so busy having such a great time!! 

 (It looked like this everywhere you went)


 (Super neat old stuff)   

(Everyone please notice Edyth posing) 
  (she is the cutest shopper ever)  
  We got some amazing deals and fabulous finds!!  

   The route we took on Thursday took us all the way to a large lake in our area, so we stopped by the water for a nice little break from the wonderful madness of worlds longest garage saleing.  

 Saturday was Itsy’s birthday, so we took her with us! She had an amazing time as well! Boy was she worn out!! 

Happy garage saleing folks!!!  


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